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“an understated harmonica virtuoso and a vocalist of subtlety and warmth” – No Depression

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Dermody’s music is fresh, delicate and gentle but never over the top, and executed with few but telling instruments

Fabrizio Poggi

Grand Dermody is a master of this open, honest, and direct way of communicating emotion and feeling through the harmonica. He reaches down to the central places where breath feeds life…

Dirk Powell

Lay My Burden Down is the most down-to-earth, straight from the heart recording with such a large cast of stellar collaborators I have heard by anyone not named Mike Seeger.

Art Menius

Grant Dermody

Grant Dermody (DER-muh-dee) is a harmonica player, singer, songwriter, and teacher from Seattle, Washington. No Depression magazine’s Joe McSpadden called him a “harp wizard with a panoramic view of roots music styles, both old world and new” and indeed, there is magic in what he makes.

Now, Grant has delved deeper into the harmonica and acoustic blues with Sun Might Shine On Me. He made a pilgrimage from his native Seattle to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana to capture its 15 tracks, recording with a handpicked band at the studio of revered roots musician Dirk Powell, who played on the record, as well as engineering and mixing it.  Converging his own compositions with classics from the Americana songbook, this new disc is no less than a quest – one that connects directly with the sonic soul of the land.


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